‘Smiling Sky’ Warms Hearts of Thai Internet, Salarymen

BANGKOK — Touched by the rare alignment of the moon and planets that form a “smile” in the night sky – just in time for the payday – Thais are sharing their happiness and photos on the internet.

Stargazers all over Thailand were amazed with the thin crescent on the waxing moon, which formed a “smile” on Thursday night. Astronomers say the endearing sight will also take place on Friday and Saturday.

Thai netizens posted their own captures of the spatial meetup and reacted with excitement.

“Just a glimpse of this natural phenomenon can make me feel good,” user @veeravidhs tweeted.

“This is so cute. There’s not only the conjunction, but also pastel sky,” another user @peachsy_ wrote.

Some also turned into poets at the sight of the smiling sky.

“You just like the Moon that always distant away from me,” user @pop_139 tweeted.

The unusual astronomical phenomenon is known as Earthshine. It happened whenever the sunlight reflected off the Earth’s surface and illuminated the unlit part of the Moon, the National Astronomical Research Institute said.

Adding to the heavenly scene was the conjunction of Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn being chased by the Moon above the southwestern horizon. The institute said they were visible to the naked eye under dark skies away from city light pollution throughout the country.

For those who missed last night’s astronomical rendezvous, the institute said the phenomenon will repeat until Saturday. It will be most visible for one to two hours after sunset (about 6pm).

Photo: National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand


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