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Social Media on Will Smith Smacking Chris Rock


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There’s no getting around it: the incident between Will Smith and Chris Rock at the Oscars. Many people have expressed themselves about the incident on social media today. Nicki Minaj, Kodak Black and Jaden Smith, among others, responded to the incident. For example, one thinks Will Smith went too far by throwing a punch, while others think Chris Rock got what he deserved.

The incident arose after Chris Rock joked about the haircut of Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith. The joke apparently went wrong with Will, as his wife suffers from the condition alopecia and therefore struggles with hair loss. After the joke, Will walked on stage and punched the Oscar host in the face.

Several celebrities have spoken out about the incident on social media. For example, Nicki Minaj says he understands that Will dealt the blow. “You are now witnessing what goes on in the soul of a man who looks at the woman he loves and sees her holding back tears because of a joke at her expense. Any real man would feel this. While all of you are the joke, he sees her hurt.”

Migos rapper Offset also understands Will’s anger. He tweeted that he would destroy people who would talk about his wife like that on national television. Jaden Smith, the son of Will and Jada, also responded with a tweet immediately after the incident. “And that’s how we do it”, referring to the fact that he stands behind his father’s action.

Kodak Black wonders aloud on Twitter what Chris Rock expected Will Smith to do when he walked onto the stage. “Did he think Will was going to give him a hug?” Actress and comedian Kathy Griffin find the action less funny. She’s concerned about any future reactions from audience members to comedy shows, which Will might imitate. “It’s very bad to walk on stage and physically attack a comedian.”

In general, there is a lot of surprise about what happened during the award ceremony. Many people didn’t see Will’s reaction coming, but they understand his anger. Some consider it legendary that he was awarded the Best Actor Oscar ten minutes after he dealt a punch on stage. Will Smith won that award for his role in King Richard.

Will’s reaction created an awkward situation during the event that no one was prepared for. People also indicate that the incident must have been very uncomfortable for other people present. There are also people who claim that Will himself initially laughed at Chris Rock’s joke.

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