Squid Game reality TV contestants threaten Netflix with lawsuit over ‘inhumane’ treatment

Dozens of participants of the upcoming Squid Game reality show would like to sue Netflix. This is reported by The Sun. The participants claim to have been treated like animals.


The complaints would mainly concern the first game in the series, called ‘red light, green light’, in which participants say they had to stand in the freezing cold for hours. ” We were tortured for eight hours. We were just fodder. You wouldn’t treat animals like that,” one participant told The Sun. Another participant describes that participants collapsed during the game. “Her head hit the floor and it reverberated through the studio before she kind of had a stroke.”

Netflix has denied in a response that participants were seriously injured during the games. According to them, there were only three participants who needed short-term medical attention.


Netflix brings the popular South Korean series to life with the reality game show Squid Game: The Challenge. With 456 contestants and a $4.56 million prize pool, it will be the biggest show ever in reality TV history. Just like in Hwang Dong-hyuk’s original series, the candidates compete against each other in a knockout race, consisting of both familiar and new games.

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