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Stranger Things Creators Don’t Want To Add New Characters In Season 5


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The makers of Stranger Things want the fifth and final season to revolve around the original cast members. That is why Matt and Ross Duffer, the creators of the hit series who are also brothers, are not going to add new characters to the series. They tell that to the film website IndieWire .

Eddie, Vickie, Patrick, Chrissy: Season 4 of Stranger Things introduced viewers to a slew of new cast members. In the fifth season, the makers will approach that differently. “We want to resist that temptation ,” Ross told the site. “We want to do that so we can focus on the original characters.”

According to Matt, a new character must “have an added value ” . “We have a great cast and actors and when we add a new character it takes time away from the other actors, so we are very careful about who we introduce.”

The last two episodes of the fourth season were released on Netflix last month. It is not known when the fifth season will appear on the streaming service.

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