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Stunning spokeswoman for the Royal Thai Police stirs her mouth after criticism of her sexy bathing suit photo shoot


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In Thailand, everyone has to walk in style, it’s common knowledge, but Lieutenant Patarasaya Rerkrut – better known as Lieutenant Viking – slipped after appearing in a sexy photoshoot by a swimming pool. Which, of course, was grist to the mill of the critics in the country.

Lieutenant Viking’s critics, also represented by the conservatives in the Corps and the old fuddy-duddies in society, have been reminded by her that this is 2022.

The day after the photoshoot, her appearance was behind the microphone, where she reported on the crime of alleged violent murderer “Ferrari Joe”.

Now in week 7 of this year, there are more tasty cases from Lieutenant Viking in the kingdom to report rather than assets and luxury limousines from Joe Ferrari, or so your news bear thinks.

Her stuffed bathing suit photos received good reviews from Thai citizens who thought it might be inappropriate for a member of the police force. But many within the police force also raised their eyebrows, perhaps out of admiration for her (who knows?)

Lieutenant Viking revealed that the photos were for a match that for some reason didn’t get its final competition.

But however we look at it, these snaps were part of getting out of her comfort zone, shaping her personality and challenging stereotypes.

Viking knows she’s part of a conservative society, but made the point that there was nothing wrong with the poolside photos. Today, in 2022, your appearance and ability to do your job are separate entities, she said.

“Hello… this is 2022,” she reminded her detractors.

She added that even her mom and dad had approved the photos, and let’s be honest, that’s a lot in Thailand, or do you have a different opinion about that.

I should also mention that Lieutenant Viking is fluent in three languages, including English and Chinese, was once awarded a scholarship in Taiwan to study and her own YouTube channel called VikkiPatara, where she showcases one of her other talents: …..namely singing.

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