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Monday, March 27, 2023

Swedish prison hostage ended after paying for freshly baked pizzas


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In a Swedish prison, two guards were taken hostage yesterday by inmates who refused to release them until their demands were met:

The requirement consisted of two pizzas on the table.

The pair of inmates are in high-security Hallby Prison outside Eskilstuna there on charges of murder, they managed to make their way into a guarded security area where inmates were not allowed. Once inside, they seized 2 guards at about 12:30 p.m. who were holding them hostage and demanding a freshly baked ransom.

A mediator was sent and negotiations began, with Swedish media reporting that the rogue states had only two requests. They asked for 20 pizzas for all the inmates in the prison, perhaps a goodwill gesture or a parting gift, as the second demand was an escape helicopter.

A spokeswoman for the maximum-security prison confirmed that the hostage-takers were given the pizza they requested. She explained that once the pizzas were delivered to the inmates, the two guards were released safely. Neither guard was injured in any way and the two were able to end their eventful shift and go home to their families.

After the pizza-hungry inmates had their pizza and surrendered, they were taken back into custody and taken to the local police station for questioning and presumably to face additional hostage charges.

Media reports did not mention whether it was a pizza Napolitana or a pizza Quattro Stagioni.

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