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Girls are lured into earthquake zone Morocco for a better future

The Moroccan government is concerned about the safety of children and women in the earthquake zone. Images of victims being sexually harassed are circulating...

Two Dutch people sentenced to death in Morocco

The court of Marrakech sentenced two Dutch people to death on Thursday for a mistaken murder that took place in a café in the...

Why Morocco will win the Africa Cup next year

The World Cup in Qatar has been over since December 18, but fans of the Moroccan national team are probably still enjoying Morocco's great...

Morocco saves valuable point from first group match against Croatia

Morocco has gained a valuable point from the first group match of the World Cup. The Lions of the Atlas took on Croatia, the losing 2018 World...

Refugees at the border between Morocco and Spain pushed back and killed

A massacre took place last Friday near the border between Morocco and Spain, where refugees were pushed back and killed. At least 37 migrants are...

Norway says murder video from Morocco is likely authentic

A video that allegedly shows the killing of a Scandinavian university student in a remote part of Morocco’s Atlas Mountains is likely authentic, Norwegian...

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