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Monday, September 25, 2023
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Road Safety

Cops Charge Driver in Crash That Killed 13 Students

BANGKOK — Police on Thursday pressed four criminal charges against a pickup truck driver behind a high-speed crash that killed 13 students earlier this...

Netizens Angered by Motorcade Traffic Woes

BANGKOK — Commuters frustrated with police’s traffic blockade during Tuesday’s evening rush hours are taking to social media to air their complaints. Social media platforms...

Cops May Reinstate Pickup Truck Seating Ban After 13 Died in Crash

BANGKOK — Police said on Monday they will bring back a ban on riding on the back of a pickup truck after a high-speed...

Transport Min. Plans to Ban ‘Big Bike’ from Weaving Between Cars

BANGKOK — The Ministry of Transport on Tuesday said it plans to ban riders of “big” motorbikes from weaving between cars, as part of...

Digital Driver’s Licenses Legal From Sept.

BANGKOK — Drivers and motorcyclists will be allowed to pluck out their phones and show cops a digital driver’s license starting Sept. 20. Physical licenses...

‘Pothead’ Motosai Student Gets Warning, New Helmet

NAKHON NAYOK — A schoolkid who wore a kitchen pot as a motorcycle helmet earlier this week was given proper safety gear today, police...

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