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This university will soon offer training in magic and witchcraft

Have you always been fascinated by magic? Then the University of Exeter has the perfect course for you. The educational institution is the first in the...

Woman charged double for ‘overeating’ at All You Can Eat restaurant

Poppy, a woman from the United Kingdom, shared a special experience at an All You Can Eat restaurant on TikTok. She was charged double after...

Athletics icon Mo Farah reveals real past: victim of human smuggling

Olympic track and field champion Sir Mo Farah has made shocking revelations about his life story. In the BBC documentary The Real Mo Farah he tells for the first time...

150 salmonella infections in Europe linked to Kinder Surprise eggs

The European Health Service, the ECDC, has so far had 150 reports of Salmonella infections in several European countries. The outbreak is said to be related...

Depression and fear lead to more pain post-operation

People who suffer from depression or anxiety before joint replacement surgery tend to feel more pain afterwards, according to a new study. People who catastrophised...

Met Office warns that the UK heatwave might keep going until OCTOBER!

Festivalgoers were pictured making the most of the hot weather as number of questionable outfits on show People descended on the Dorset-based festival...

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