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Takeaway owner offers free pizzas to everyone in Edinburgh


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Due to the increased inflation in Europe, more and more people are getting into financial difficulties. Fortunately, there are still merciful people willing to bring relief to others during this difficult time. A good example is Scottish restaurant owner Marc Wilkinson who is giving all Edinburgh residents a free pizza this month. In this way, the best man wants to help people who have difficulty making ends meet, he reports to the BBC.

According to Wilkinson, his free pizzas not only help people with little money but also his part-time employees who can work more thanks to this giveaway. “I’m very happy with my plan because it’s a win-win situation for everyone,” said the 55-year-old restaurant owner. “The customer benefits, the suppliers benefit, and my team of chefs benefits because they can work more hours.”

Wilkinson tells the BBC he has always been interested in altruism – the willingness to do something for others without benefiting himself – and wanted to do something with it. “I constantly hear that the rising cost of living is affecting so many people and I thought, my ovens are on all day anyway, so they might as well run at full capacity all day if it helps people.” It is estimated that the action will cost him around 12,000 pounds (13,500 euros).

According to Wilkinson, his ovens can make as many as 18 pizzas every 6 minutes. Everyone who visits their restaurant in January will receive a free pizza, except between 5:30 pm and 8:30 pm. Customers also do not need to prove they are residents of Edinburgh. “I hope my idea doesn’t get out of hand, but I’m not going to ask for proof of address, they don’t have to show a municipal tax assessment with their address on it.” Wilkinson hopes his action will inspire other people to do something good for another.

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