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Tens of thousands of infections a day, but England stops corona measures


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In England, most corona measures are expected to be lifted this month, while the infections in the country are increasing rapidly. According to correspondent Anne Saenen, it is a political decision. “All the medical experts say, please don’t do it.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says the government wants to end all legal measures and instead let people make their “own informed decisions about how to control the virus.”

According to news correspondent Anne Saenen, it is a political decision. “All the medical experts say, please don’t do it, because it could cause a lot of casualties.”

But the British government sees no other choice. “Nobody likes another lockdown. Don’t postpone the relaxation either, because before you know it autumn will be around the door again and then the corona figures will also rise. Moreover, the corona support will stop in September, so the stretch is also out of economic terms. .”

So Johnson is expected to announce an end to the measures before July 19 at a press conference next Monday. This means, among other things, that people no longer have to keep their distance, no longer have to wear a mouth cap and that the nightclubs open again.

Meanwhile, infection rates are rising at the same rate as last December, even before the vaccination campaign got underway. This is due to the more contagious delta variant of the virus. It is mainly circulated among young people who have not yet received a second shot.

But the number of hospital admissions and corona deaths remains low. Most adults have now been vaccinated, more than half of whom have already been vaccinated twice. “That is an argument for the government to continue the relaxation,” says Saenen. “But the British experts are not yet sure whether this will continue to be the case. They also warn of the risk of lung covid .”

Earlier, the relaxations were postponed by four weeks, so that more people could get vaccinated. On July 12, the knot about whether or not to continue the relaxations will be definitively cut.

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