Texas attack survivor (9): “He said it was time to die”

A 9-year-old boy who survived the attack on a primary school in the Texas town of Uvalde has shared his story anonymously. The attack killed 19 children and 2 teachers.

The boy told reporter Henry Ramos of news channel KENS 5 that he and his classmates were watching a movie just before lunchtime, when they heard gunshots. The teachers who were present at the time immediately decided to go into ‘lockdown mode’, something that happens in American schools in the event of a threatening situation.

The teachers warned the children to hide, after which the 9-year-old survivor hid with a friend. The assailant eventually shot through the locked door of the classroom. “He opened the door, then he came in, crouched and said, ‘It’s time to die,'” the boy said. “When I saw the bullets on the ground I knew this was real. I was hiding well and I told my friend to be quiet or else he would hear us.”

“Call me if you need help”, the boy heard a policeman shout after a while. “Someone in the class then started calling for help. That man (the gunman, ed.) heard it, came in and shot her dead. Then the officers stormed into the classroom and the man started shooting at them, after which the officers started shooting at him.”

After the perpetrator was taken out, the 9-year-old opened the curtain he was hiding behind and reached out with his hand. “I got out because I knew it was the police. I saw their vests and their shield.” About the two teachers who were killed, the boy says: “They were lovely teachers. They stood in front of my classmates to help and save them.”

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