Thai association of private hospitals has been reprimanded for charging too high a price for Moderna vaccine

The Thai Association of Private Hospitals has been forced to change the price of their Moderna shots again.

After first stating that two shots would cost 3,800 baht, she reported last week that this would be reduced to 3,400 baht.

Many people started registering and possibly paying on July 1, so every hospital would know how many supplies to order by early August.

The vaccine is provided by the Government Pharmaceutical Organization, which charges hospitals 1,100 baht for each dose.

This price includes insurance. The hospital storage is for their staff and injection costs.

Last week it was reported that the surcharge would be more than 50%.

It has since been discovered that the demand has been exceeded and that the PHA is only allowed to charge 50% above the GPO price.

The PHA has decided to reach but not exceed this highest ceiling with a new charge of 3,300 baht for two doses.

Sanook reported that about 4 million doses of the Moderna vaccine of choice would be available in the fourth quarter of this year (as of October) and about 1 million doses from January next year.

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