Thai boy breaks both legs after falling from 5th floor of gold shop in Chonburi

A young man has broken both legs after falling from the roof of the 5th-storey gold shop in Phan Thong District.

Phan Thong police were informed of the incident which occurred at a gold shop in Baan Gao district.

Emergency services arrived and found the injured 19-year-old young man, Kittipoom Kenjan, injured on an awning that had broken his fall.

He had broken both legs and was stuck between the gold shop and a wall. Rescuers had to be hoisted down using a pulley to help the injured man. It took more than two hours to take him to a local hospital and it was already quite dark.

Katereeya Treenuwat, the owner of the gold shop, told the local press: “I heard a bang while I was cooking. At first, I thought it was just a roof tile that fell, which has happened before, so I continued cooking in the kitchen behind the gold shop.”

“Later I realized someone was behind the house because of moans of pain. I discovered that there was an unknown person there, and what he was doing there was also unknown to me. I called the police for help to sort things out, Katereeya said.

Phan Thong police continue their investigation to find out why the man was at the gold shop that evening. Kittipoom did not answer any questions as to why he was on the roof of a gold shop and is currently under police guard at a local hospital.

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