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Thai family in northeast Thailand tries to sell eyes and kidneys to save home and farm


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After a man and his family in Ubon Ratchathani pledge to buy a tractor for the life of a defaulting friend, they try to sell their eyes and kidneys to save his home and farm.  

The man is currently walking more than 100 kilometres in the rain with his wife and 2 sons from their home to the provincial capital where Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha will visit today to plead for help.

The family had put up 2 banners in front of their house with the offer of their eyes and kidneys, or other organs, they would be for sale from all 4 family members, if it would fetch the 860,725 baht it took to build their house and their 9 rai farmland to save.

After no buyers came forward, they took the signs and started walking to the provincial capital in the rain. They were greeted as they walked by roadside residents who heard of their story and came out to offer support.

The heartbreaking story began in 2014 when the 48-year-old man, who works as a radio DJ and local government agency for Jead Tambon’s governing body in Khemarat district, agreed to co-sign for the purchase of a tractor for 860,000 baht. for his friend’s wife. His friend is a local police officer at Na Tan Police Station, whom he has known since childhood, with a steady job, so he agreed to sign.

Shortly after, however, payments fell through and in 2016 the family had been ordered to appear as the second defendant in absentia. His friend promised that the whole matter was under control and that mediation would take place, but when the court ordered that the tractor be returned along with the depreciation costs, the woman did not return it.

Last year, the Legal Enforcement Department informed the family that their land and house were confiscated and put up for auction, but it failed to attract a buyer in 2 auctions, although it will be auctioned again tomorrow, October 16.

Desperate and without ideas, the panicked family hatched a plan to raise money to pay the 860,000 debt and save their home and farm by selling their organs. Now they are walking the 100 kilometres with their signs to raise awareness and hope to meet with Prime Minister Prayut to immediately ask for help.

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