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Thai government announces 4 additional public holidays in 2022 to boost domestic tourism


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The Thai cabinet has approved four additional public holidays for 2022, from 19 to 23 days to have consecutive holidays to boost domestic tourism, a government spokesman said.

The new holidays in 2022 are scheduled for the Fridays of July 15, July 29, October 14, and December 30, resulting in approximately 4-5 consecutive days off per week.

The spokesman further stated that the decision was taken by the government as it believed the long vacations could potentially boost domestic tourism.

He told the press: “The consecutive long vacations, linked to the weekly vacations, could become a factor that stimulates domestic travel and the overall economy in Thailand, especially in the business and tourism sectors previously affected by the pandemic.

“It also aims to support the country’s policy of opening up to and welcoming foreign tourists to the country.”

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