Thai government raided homeless people yesterday on the eve of Pattaya Colorful event

Thai government raided homeless people yesterday on the eve of Pattaya Colorful event

Officials from the Chonburi Social Development Department and the Anti-Trafficking Department yesterday raided Pattaya Walking Street, Pattaya Second Road, Pattaya Beach and Soi Buakhow and took some homeless people off the streets.

This after locals complained in the coastal town prior to the Pattaya Colorful event this weekend.

Officials said most beggars are foreign migrants, many of whom have exceeded their visas or are not legally permitted to stay in Thailand. The raid came about after multiple complaints from business owners, local tourists and residents of Pattaya Walking Street and Beach Road.

They filed formal complaints with the authorities of the city of Pattaya, saying they have seen a dramatic increase in the number of beggars, many of them carrying small children.

15 homeless people were detained and transferred to Pattaya City Hall, while those with alleged mental health problems were taken to Banglamung Hospital for treatment. Officials reiterated that they treated homeless people with respect by offering many of them a place to stay in local homeless shelters and providing them with medical and mental health care.

The ‘PATTAYA COLORFUL Festival 2021’ is a two-day event hosted on Pattaya Beach this weekend. The Pattaya Cultural Council and Pattaya City are sponsoring the event held for Central Festival.

Mana Yaprakam, the chairman of the Pattaya Cultural Council, told The Pattaya News, “The event is designed to encourage people to conserve the beautiful Thai culture and environment.”

“This will also support a good tourism image and generate more revenue for local businesses and local communities following the relief of the Covid-19 ‘New Normal’ tourism-style pandemic.”

“People are invited to participate in the event which is completely free, but they will be required to wear face masks and observe Covid-19 precautions.”

The event features local art, cuisines, music, and other types of entertainment for those who wish to participate.

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