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Thai grandpa heads to Udon Thani police station on high feet after being cut up by local hairdresser


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An elderly Thai man went to the police station of Band Dung on “high legs” to file a report, the man is said to have been cut up at the hairdresser.

The Thai grandpa said he wanted his money back because he didn’t look like the haircut anymore

The story went viral online and netizens loved the grandpa for sharing his experience after a bad haircut. Many have left the salon or hairdresser disappointed, but nobody dared to ask for their money back or take action. The grandpa went to the hairdresser and found that his hair was different lengths, this upset him because he couldn’t get through a ring.

A local Facebook page called Bandung Update shared a story to make it known to the outside world

The grandfather claimed that his hair was different lengths because the hairdresser had not cut it properly. After leaving the hair salon, he decided to visit the police station and file a report in the hope that the hairdresser would return his money.

Grandpa asked police officers at the station to look at his haircut. He stated that the hairdresser was not competent and that he wanted the money back. The police officers tried to tell Grandpa that he looked handsome in the new cut.

In the end, there was a happy ending because the agents helped find a good solution by pulling out the wallet themselves and giving Grandpa 20 baht extra to get an energy drink because that’s what the excited owner really needed.

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