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Thai “Jumping Jack” arrested after 13-hour chase in Pattaya


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Thai “Jumping Jack” arrested after 13-hour chase in Pattaya

A Thai man who had made it his hobby to jump from one roof to another in Pattaya was finally caught in the corner of a roof after 1 pm.

The incident began on July 10, 2021, when a man climbed on top of a hotel and started jumping onto the balconies of several rooms. Officials tried to stop the man to prevent worse. They also sent negotiators and tried different tactics, but after 10 hours of chatting and talking like a bridge man, they just couldn’t stop.

The goal was to talk him down, but he kept jumping from building to building like a monkey. It all happened so fast that the police struggled to follow the man as he jumped from one roof to another.

Hours later, they found him again at 1 a.m. on a roof of a building in Soi 8. Although he had nowhere to go, the police followed the man closely, there was no one in the building that was locked.

Police contacted the people who lived in the building. The doors were unlocked and eventually, the man, along with the police and good citizens, came down safely.

Kiatkun, 43, was extremely exhausted and officials helped carry him off the roof. Then he was taken to hospital. After the man has recovered, he will undergo a drug test and then be taken to the police station.

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