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Thai man attacks his ex-wife in northeast Thailand ‘because she went hunting for a farang husband’


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Thai man attacks his ex-wife in northeast Thailand ‘because she went hunting for a farang husband’

The thought of a Thai man’s ex-wife finding a “phua farang” (Western husband) proved too much for a drunken man in northeastern Thailand, your news bearer read in the Thai Daily News.

Chutiphon, 40, filled himself with booze and jumped over the wall of his ex-wife’s house on Phakdeeburirak Road in Buriram’s Nangrong district. He was armed with a knife.

A furious argument broke out with his 36-year-old ex-wife, Suthanee, the couple had split up four months ago.

When Chutiphon saw that things were going the wrong way, Chutiphons tried to intervene in his former 60-year-old mother-in-law Sommai. The mother-in-law was stabbed in the ribs.

Meanwhile, Chutiphon still tried to attack his ex-wife and his 18-year-old son. The boy “grabbed” his father’s feet and begged him to stop, which he eventually did.

He fled on a motorcycle and was arrested at the bus station when he tried to flee the area.

The woman said she did not want forgiveness from her ex-husband while her life is out of danger in the hospital.

Chutiphon said in tears that he was ordained a monk in 2005, but left of his own accord. He admitted that he and his wife had been constantly arguing and that he liked to drink, but they continued for the sake of their two children. But when she said she wanted to take it up with a foreigner, it was too much to bear.

He spent every waking hour on it before dousing himself in a daze to encourage himself and visit his wife armed with a knife. He said he didn’t want to hurt anyone, he was trying to reconcile.

 “It was the drink,” he said.

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