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Thai man loses control of the car and rams into a family home in Pattaya


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Thai man loses control of the car and rams into a family home in Pattaya

A family in Bang Lamung was rudely awakened last night when the pickup driver lost control and drove through the front of their house. The accident happened around midnight during the Chonburi curfew and luckily the children and adults in the house had already gone to bed when the accident happened.

The accident involved a grey pickup truck with a Bangkok number plate and a driver and passenger inside. The driver apparently lost control and knocked down two electric poles, then crashed through the front of the house. The 44-year-old owner of the home reported no one inside was injured, while the 35-year-old driver and his 18-year-old passenger suffered only minor injuries from the crash.

The driver admitted he had been drinking and said he was also rushing home because he was out of curfew. He said he suddenly lost control of the car and hit a utility pole before storming into the house. Nong Prue police and rescue volunteers arrived at the accident scene and police conducted a blood alcohol test, although the results were not made public.

The driver has been arrested and will be prosecuted for the accident, possibly because of his drunkenness. He will probably be held financially liable for the damage caused.

The accident caused 2 electric poles to fall on the roof of the house, causing damage to the homeowner’s 2 cars. Torn electrical cables protruding from the wreckage and a shattered pipe that dumped water onto the road nearby indicated a significant amount of repairs will be required.

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