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Thai man makes a test drive in the car and has not returned


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An owner of a second-hand car garage fell victim to a vulgar car theft when an interested car buyer wanted to test drive a car and then did not return.

The INN News reported that the shop owner on his Facebook account asked the Thai people for help in looking for his car. The man had come to his garage and said he was looking for a used car, he chose one and asked to take it for a test drive.

The man quietly got into the car and drove off without ever coming back. Khun Panya Muenknam, 50, is the owner of a second-hand car shop called “Khao Wong Rot Ban” in Khao Wong District, Kalasin Province, and said he “never ate it so salty”.

He says that a tall, thin man of about 30 years old in a black pick-up truck with a license plate from Kalasin drove to his garage and showed interest in a used car. At the time, Khu. Panya has 4 vehicles, including 3 cars and a pick-up truck.

He took the man on a tour and showed all the vehicles. The thief informed Panya that he wanted to buy a white Toyota for the price of 120,000 baht. Panya later discovered the thief’s nickname “Korn”. Korn informed the owner that he would return later in the evening, which still has to be done.

Panja has reported it to the police station of Khao Wong and has said that anyone who helps to regain possession of the car can count on a substantial reward.

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