Thai man needs ladder to escape street dogs

Thai man, 40, is forced to eat his lunch on top of a LADDER to escape a hungry pack of Soi Dogs (Street Dogs)

A 40-year-old man has made his own tribute to the iconic New York photo Lunch atop a Skyscraper.

But instead of a drop of 840ft below him, Khun Pongsak from Thailand has a pack of hungry dogs beneath his ladder.

The hilarious moment was caught on camera in Ratchaburi, a province west of Bangkok.

Mr Pongsak eats his lunch on the top rung of a step ladder while more than a dozen dogs circle below him.
The dogs look up at him expectantly for food but they are unable to share in his feast.

The unnamed woman filming the video laughs hysterically as the Thai worker finishes his food out of reach of the stray dogs.

Mr Pongsak appears to be eating chicken on top of his step ladder.

And it appears the dogs can smell the tasty lunch, barking at him as he tries to eat his lunch peacefully.

Mr Pongsak said: ‘Everywhere I went they would follow me and try to get my food.

‘I had nowhere else to go and I didn’t want to go inside, so I came up with this solution.

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