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Thai man shot from the world by his foreign colleague because his radio was too loud


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A Myanmar man reportedly shot and killed a Thai colleague who told him to turn down his radio at the golf cart repair shop on Sunday night.

Captain Kanapot Intaputi, a deputy. Chief Investigator in Phrom Phiram district said the shooting happened around 7:40 PM in the workshop on the Silver Star golf course, which is run by Region 6 Provincial Police.

Witnesses told police that 46-year-old Pongthep Phloiprasong asked another employee, Te Aw, 37, to turn down his radio, saying the loud noise was annoying.

Myanmar worker Te Aw reportedly put a short shotgun under the seat of a lawnmower and fired one shot at Pongthep, inflicting a serious wound. Pongthep later died at Phrom Phiram Hospital.

Te Awe is arrested and charged with murder.

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