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Thai man shot in front of his house in Huay Yai, but is out of danger


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Thai man shot in front of his house in Huay Yai, but is out of danger

A resident of Banglamung was seriously injured yesterday from a gunshot wound.

Huay Yai police were notified of the shooting incident at 11:00 AM, which occurred near a reservoir in Khao Maikaew.

Police and rescuers arrived on the scene and found 43-year-old Sawang Sangchom, who was severely bleeding from gunfire but conscious.

He was rushed to a local hospital for medical attention, the doctors believe he will make a full recovery. A cartridge case was found on the ground near the victim.

Sawang told the police: “Three months ago I had a fight with another man while we were drinking together at my house when the drink was in the man, we got into a big fight. Now even months later he is still blazing on me, he came to me this morning and tried to kill me.

Sawang declined to say the nature of the original argument, but stated only serious reproaches were made,

Police are hunting the suspect to take legal action, but they too did not disclose the suspect’s name, only stating that they had a solid clue as to the individual’s identity and that they believed the shooting was related to a personal matter between victim and suspect.

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