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Thai Mental Health Dept. Battles Earworms After Chip ‘N’ Dale Song


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BANGKOK — The state mental health department has issued tips for people who just can’t stop hearing Chip ‘N’ Dale chirp in their heads.

Ever since Disney released the Thai-themed animated short “Our Floating Dreams” late June, a song about hawking nuts at a floating market sung by Chip ‘N’ Dale has been wiggling into Thai ears – so much so that the state mental health department is taking notice.

“Earworms may disturb the mind, but they are not a psychological symptom. They will go away on their own if something else interesting takes it place,” the notice posted Tuesday says. There’s no other song the psychiatrists could be referring to: the poster has images of Chip ‘N’ Dale, mentions the song’s lyrics, and even links to the cartoon.

The five tips prescribed by the mental health department are: listen to the entire song rather than just the part stuck in your head, listen to other songs, distract yourself with a game or puzzle, ignore it and believe that it will go away, and chew gum.

Although the last tip might seem strange, Forbes corroborates that chewing gum can help get those pesky chipmunk voices out of your head – apparently the motor activity interferes with the recollection of auditory memories.

Many commenters were surprised at the speedy work of usually turtle-like bureaucrats. In two days, the notice has been liked more than 2,500 times and shared more than 2,900 times.

“Good job, PR team of this department. You’re so trendy and finally won citizens’ hearts,” wrote user Aon Manman. Facebooker Tom Jaidee Kris wrote, “I’m so happy government workers are being proactive.”

Other comments are from people still suffering from a terrible case of Chip ‘N’ Dale-itis.

“Are you trying to help me or make it worse?” lamented commenter Thanikul Sriuthis.

Witchaya Aintip illustrated how we’re all feeling.

The nuttiness continues on Twitter in the #Chip’N’Dale hashtag – with no signs of anyone wanting to abate the symptoms.

@GGeorger_ remixed an R&B, lo-fi version with added rap.

Popular singer Saksit “Tor” Vejsupaporn posted a piano ballad version on Thursday morning.

Meanwhile, @Stark_Sansa2 noticed that Chip ‘N’ Dale sell their nuts for upwards of 500 baht. Even worse, the elephant selling ice cream from a boat at the beginning of the cartoon collects one purple and one green banknote – which means that a cup of ice cream cost 520 baht!

Finally, @iamthinkfine observed that the Chip ‘N’ Dale song is just the latest in a string of recent torturous earworms: coming after K-pop girl group Red Velvet’s “Zimzalabim” song released on June 19, and Thai rapper Diamond Mqt’s ”Gucci Belt,” on May 16.



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