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Thai taxi dropped Japanese girl at Samut Sakhon instead of Sukhumwit.


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Bad taxi strikes again with a case that is shocking to hear about. The incident was shared a Facebook account named Atichon Chachum (อธิชนม์ ฉะฉ่ำ) on the 9th of this month. Atichon is the owner of the house where the taxi dropped off a Japanese girl after she told the taxi to take her to Sukhumvit 92.

Atichon reported that the Japanese girl was a normal tourist in Thailand who called a taxi at Asok in Bangkok with the destination of Sukhumvit 99 in Bangkok. The taxi agreed to take her but then he drove the Japanese girl from Bangkok out to Samut Sakhon. The taxi then decided to tell her to get out of his car right in front of Atichon’s house. She had no idea where she was and probably didn’t realize that she wasn’t even in Bangkok anymore after being dropped off in front of a random home.

Atichon came our of his house in Kratumban, Samut Sakhon province and used a translation application on his phone to try and talk to the girl. After a while, he finally started to understand what had just happened to her. Atichon made her some scrambled eggs and rice and then called another taxi to delivery at the right destination this time.

The Japanese girl was lucky that the house owner was Atichon, as he was kind and helped her find food and a good taxi to deliver her at the right destination. Atichon stated in his post” This is all I can do for you… coming to take a vacation in another country…. Thailand…. But there are bad F****** taxi’s …. That has made a bad name for Thailand…. Cheated her and then dropped her off randomly…. Her destination was Sukhumwit 92…. Taxi left her in front of my house…. Lucky that it’s my house…. And lucky that I have a translation application on my phone… #Japanese Tourist #This is all I can do to help you #The special menu is Scrambled eggs because that’s the only thing I know how to cook..!! Only one bad taxi can make Thailand a negative nation…. You are not professional and honest with your own work 🙁 🙁 :(“

Atichon further stated in his post comments that the he was only doing what was right as he was the owner of the house, she was standing outside crying when he found her. He only posted this on Facebook because he could’nt accept the how un-professional the taxi driver was.

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