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Thailand and Tinder: don’t mess around with loneliness


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Thai authorities have partnered with Tinder to offer special travel packages for solo travellers looking to find their soulmate

“Don’t mess around with singles,” is the slogan of the Tourism Authority of Thailand in collaboration with romantic dating app Tinder to launch the second season of the “Singles Travel” campaign to promote domestic tourism in the kingdom, PPTV TV reported.

After receiving a positive result in the first season of Singles Trip, held in 2020, the country’s tourism authorities have decided to continue the endeavour and have extended the company for a second season.

The second season continues the collaboration with both the Tinder app and Drive Digital to offer both online marketing and on-site activities for tourists, who are invited to experience different styles of travel in the new season.

In conjunction with the Tinder app, the Kingdom’s tourism authority is offering special dating travel packages for singles. A choice of seven carefully selected romantic itineraries is being offered, the journey on which is expected to be conducive to dating.

“The ‘Singles Trip’ itineraries are aimed at single travellers who want to meet by travelling to various destinations in Thailand,” Tourism Authority of Thailand head Yutasak Supasorn said in a press statement.

The most popular comment on the news on social media is whether the Tourist Board will sponsor a future honeymoon where tourists who meet on one of the routes will form a married couple.

Loneliness can take a toll on health and cause feelings of anxiety, sadness and vulnerability. It is important to have a close connection with a loved one and not to isolate oneself alone. So use tourism as a bridge to light a fire in your heart, meet an understanding person, create a relationship, and increase the frequency of travel.

Tinder is a romantic dating app that allows people to find companions based on location and preferences. Users browse profiles and two mutually interested people can start chatting. Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps in the world and is used by millions of people.

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