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Thailand announces sweep of illegal aliens – Russian arrested


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Thailand announces sweep of illegal aliens – Russian arrested

Thailand’s Immigration Service has arrested Russian citizen Evgeny Chazlanov for visa violations on the island of Pangan

Russian citizen Evgeny Chazlanov (MR.EVGENY CHAZHLANOV) overstayed his visa allowing him to stay legally in Thailand for 292 days (about 9 and a half months). The young man was stopped and checked by the immigration police on the island of Phangan during a raid in the tourist areas of the country to identify foreign nationals illegally. During the search, it was discovered that Chazlanov had been residing on the island with an expired visa for more than nine months.

The examining officer charged the 33-year-old Russian, Evgeny Chazlanov, and transported the detainee to the local immigration police office for further legal action.

General Pranpansak Prasarnsuk, commander of Immigration Bureau 6, explained that Thailand is currently conducting raids in places where foreign nationals congregate in accordance with the order of Police General Surachet Hakfan, Deputy Commander of the Police and Commander-in-Chief of Immigration Bureau No. 0029. 132/3272 dated October 5, 2022, to mobilize, sweep, investigate and detain offenders of the Immigration Act, focusing on offenses related to overstaying in Thailand and Thais holding shares on behalf of foreigners (nominees) to allow foreigners to conduct business, avoiding compliance with the Foreign Business Act, BE 2542 (1999) and other relevant laws during the period from October 5 to 31 this year.

The arrested Russian, Evgeny Chazlanov, was stopped in the parking lot of Big A Market, Moo 1, Tambon Koh Phangan and searched by immigration officers. The offender awaits trial and further deportation from the kingdom – all illegals residing in Thailand with an expired visa – get ready!

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