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Thailand faces a simmering masquerade, Dr Taveesin calls on the Thai public to continue wearing masks


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In Thailand people talk about mouth masks, and wearing this Covid19 protection in Thailand is a constant topic in this endemic period of the country. Although the obligation to wear face masks was abolished in most areas a few weeks ago, the subject is repeatedly raised by various authorities in the country.

And while online comments on the subject continue to rage, especially since tourists and many ex-pats generally take mask-wearing less seriously than most Thais, it’s been dubbed something of “The Great Mask Debate.”

Yesterday, Siam Rath quoted Dr Taveesin Visanuyothin, the spokesperson for the administrative centre for Covid19 containment, the CCSA, a man who has become a household name during the pandemic, said cases are on the rise again, especially in Bangkok and the surrounding area and in the “tourist provinces”.

This has been made possible in part by the long holidays on which people travel, such as this week. It should be noted that the word ​“tourist” here does not refer to farang, but mainly to Thai tourists who are more on the road.

Dr Taveesin said that despite the previous mouth mask decree, face coverings are still a good tool to prevent infection with Covid and other lung diseases.

Therefore, people should continue to wear masks in places where they are outdoors, such as concerts, outdoor movie screenings and sporting events, and where social distancing is difficult.

He also warned:
Wear masks indoors and in places with poor air circulation, especially to protect people with underlying medical conditions, the elderly and pregnant women.”

“If you have not received three Covid19 vaccinations, have been infected with one or have been near an infected person, always wear a mask.”

Local news reports that in Bangkok the vast majority of Thais still wear face masks, both on the main streets and in malls and shops.

For some, it has even become a daily routine. Many had become accustomed to wearing masks because of the pollution long before the pandemic hit in early 2020.

Foreigners — or at least those who can be identified as such by their white appearance — and who come from countries where mask-wearing was introduced later during the pandemic and earlier abolished, will be seen less often in the Thai capital. with masks.

It seems that the topic will not just disappear and will continue to generate a lot of discussion in social circles and on the internet.

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