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Thailand government warns against false Covid vaccination certificates


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Thailand government warns against false Covid vaccination certificates

The Covid19 Omicron variant is slowly creeping into Thailand. The Thai health service has so far diagnosed 9 confirmed cases of the Omicron variant within Thailand’s borders.

Of those nine cases, the genome has been fully sequenced and confirmed to be absolutely the new and highly infected variant. Omicron is believed to be more contagious but less serious than other strains, with the first Omicron death recorded in the UK.

Aside from the confirmed cases, medical officials are currently investigating 5 more possible cases. dr. Supakit Sirilak, the director-general of the Department of Medical Sciences, says those 5 possible Omicron variant infections are currently undergoing full genome sequencing testing that will confirm that the Covid-19 cases are without a doubt the new variant.

So far, all confirmed cases, as well as possible cases, have been found in international travellers who have arrived in Thailand, they are reportedly kept under reasonable control, so it is hoped that Thailand is still isolated from the Omicron variant. But officials, including Dr Supakit, believe it is only a matter of time before the virus escapes the borders of inbound foreign tourists and is found further away from Thailand by domestic transmission.

However, the Thai government stresses that the people of Thailand should avoid panic and remain calm in the face of a new wave of Covid-19 infections due to the Omicron variant. dr. Supakit says an outbreak of the new variant will be contained soon. However, other officials have warned people to remain vigilant and predicted that Thailand could see an outbreak of Omicron infections after the New Year celebrations.

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