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Thailand is in the world’s top 6 for retirees


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Thailand is one of the best countries in the world to enjoy your retirement according to a new poll? In a survey by the online comparison website money.co.uk, Thailand ranks 6th out of 142 countries.

The survey used data from the Google Keyword Planner to analyze search data in each country, examining common search terms related to retirement in another country.

The survey, titled ‘Where the World Wants to Retire’, found that Thailand was the most sought-after travel destination for a total of 9 countries.

In the ranking, Thailand is ahead of Spain (7th), a preferred long-term retirement destination for Britons and Europeans, and ASEAN rival Philippines (10th).

Overall, France ranked first with 20 countries seeking retirement benefits there more than anywhere else, while Canada, Argentina, Portugal and Australia made the top 5.

In France, money.co.uk said: “France is the most popular choice for those wishing to retire abroad, hoping to settle here after reaching retirement age”.

“There is a large ex-pat population, and with so many retirees taking a successful step, it has certainly inspired those nearing retirement to see the country as a place to settle in their own later years.”

Despite Brexit, withdrawing to France is still a viable option for Britons, according to the study.

“While Brexit means moving to Europe is now a little different for the British, it is still possible for British citizens to move back to France.

“To stay long-term, those from the UK will need to apply for a long-term visa or a French residence permit – both are possible as long as you meet certain requirements and don’t mind filling out paperwork.”

Joel Kempson, the personal finance expert at money.co.uk, commented: “Retirement is an exciting time in our lives and for many, it means the opportunity to spend the final years of our lives in a whole new country.”

“We hope our results will inspire anyone who is currently considering retiring abroad, no matter where they are.”

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