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Video: Even the elephants in Thailand kick tourists


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Thailand kick Tourists: No photos! Hilarious moment an elephant calf kicks a man on the backside when he tries to take a selfie with him.

This is the hilarious moment an elephant calf ticked a tourist on the backside when he tried to take a selfie with him.

The video, filmed in Chiang Mai, Thailand, captured the young elephant as it rested against a stone wall with its front feet elevated.


A man, who was visiting the city, then approached the baby elephant with his camera, holding it out as if to take a picture.

But the calf wasn’t interested in being in a selfie, and instead jumped down from the wall with its head facing the ground.

The tourist moved with him, bending down with his camera to take the picture from a different angle.

But when he moved to touch the side of the elephant’s head, the youngster lashed out, kicking the tourist on the backside with his back foot.

A group of onlookers laughed behind the camera as their friend jumped on the impact, moving away from the tiny elephant.

But the mischievous mammal turned to follow the tourist as he backed away, only to be pushed back by the offending selfie-taker.

Another of the group reached out gingerly to touch his tail as the video ended.

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