Thammasat University Hospital needs shipping containers as morgue is almost full of Covid19 victims

Thammasat University Hospital, located in central Thailand’s Pathum Thani province, is running out of space in the morgue and is now looking for shipping containers to store the bodies of Covid victims.

The hospital posted this terrifying news on Facebook to say it expects Covid cases to exceed 10,000 soon as health officials increase their testing efforts in high-risk areas.

Thammasat Hospital is seeing more and more patients come in for Covid treatment. 4 Covid patients even had to undergo CPR in the emergency room before they could be transferred to the ICU, the post says.

Furthermore, the hospital continues to accept referrals from all over Pathum Thani and other areas. This had resulted in the morgue being inundated with autopsy requests, some of whom died in hospital and some died at home. The hospital must then determine which deaths can be attributed to Covid.

This influx of bodies means the hospital will have to rent 2, and maybe more, storage containers to hold the bodies.

The hospital’s Facebook post informed the public that they wanted to be transparent about what was going on. It also went on to say that in order to prevent Covid from spreading in the hospital, a 150-square-meter negative pressure room has been built in the emergency room as it keeps patients at high risk of infection away from other patients.

Dr. Prasit Watanapa, the dean of the faculty of medicine at Siriraj Hospital, is begging the unvaccinated public to get vaccinated as soon as possible. He says most critically ill patients had only one dose or none at all. He then added that waiting for a “superior” vaccine “wasn’t worth the risk” and that people should get vaccinated as soon as possible.

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