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The 2-week shutdown of nightspots in Pattaya has started today, as police moved into the city to issue warnings


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Today in Pattaya (and Chonburi and 41 other provinces) a “two-week” shutdown of nightspots officially started today. Last night, Pattaya police went into town to remind owners of various types of businesses covered by this regulation that they will face strict fines, penalties, and other measures when they violate the order.

This is because today, April 10, 2021, Chonburi reported 141 new cases of Covid-19, although the vast majority are not in the Pattaya area and are either from a pub in Chonburi main district or from nightlife venues in Bangkok.

Meanwhile, the Pattaya police were in droves today just after midnight to ensure that entertainment venues such as bars, nightclubs, pubs, etc. followed the order drawn up by the Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration and approved by the Chonburi Department of Public Health. While the CCSA stated that the current order is for two weeks, the Chonburi order for closure has no specific end date and will be until the situation improves.

Pattaya police have also issued a stern warning to restaurants that are allowed to stay open and sell alcohol – if you are caught appearing to be more of a “bar” than a restaurant, the venue risks closure and strict fines. Alcohol may still be sold in restaurants, but police have delivered a clear message to restaurant owners or multi-licensed locations – if you seem to be a place where people gather to drink and party and not eat, they risk dire consequences.

During past nightlife closures last year and in January of this year, police raided several restaurants because they appeared to be more of a ‘bar’ than a restaurant, with people drinking alcohol alone or gathering in groups to socialize and not to eat. There is no specific ‘law’ surrounding people who are required to eat with a drink, but the general situation is left to the police’s interpretation of the venue, meaning restaurant owners must take steps to ensure that they do not ‘appear’ ‘ to be. bars.

Cinemas, soapies, saunas (sauna area only), and party centers are also currently closed. Restaurants must be closed by 10 am. for dining and pick-up only possible from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.,

There are no travel restrictions to enter or leave Chonburi at this time or mandatory quarantine to or from the province.

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