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The body of missing Russian man found on Pangan


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The body of missing Russian man found on Pangan

The remains have been found in Thailand, probably belonging to the Russian citizen Nikita Grigoriev, who disappeared on the island of Phangan a month ago.

According to the preliminary version, 30-year-old Russian Nikita Grigoriev died not a violent death, because the examination showed the absence of bruises and broken bones. Also with the deceased was a fanny pack with money, a passport in the name of Grigoriev and his photo and a charger for his phone. The clothes were consistent with those in which Grigoriev was last seen – an orange T-shirt and beach shorts.

The body was found on Oct. 12 in the woods by villagers on Phangan Island while clearing the area for planting. They called the police, who identified Grigoriev and notified the Russian Embassy in Thailand.

The investigation revealed that Nikita Grigoriev arrived with friends from Phuket to the Thai island of Phangan on September 10, 2022, to attend the full moon party, full moon party. Four days later, he went to a local hospital complaining of insomnia during those last nights.

The nurse who admitted the Russian was laying him on a couch and went to get a doctor when the patient suddenly got up and left the room, and then left the hospital grounds altogether. Grigoriev’s movements were recorded by video surveillance cameras installed in the building and on the perimeter of the hospital facility.

Since then, no one has seen Nikita Grigoriev again. His friends contacted the island police and announced a reward of 35,000 baht for useful information about the missing man. However, a month later only his remains were found, which after the necessary procedures will be handed over to relatives.

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