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Thursday, November 30, 2023

The coastal city of Pattaya will focus on Russian and Indian travelers


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Chinese travelers were key to tourism in Pattaya until before the pandemic, but with current Covid19 restrictions, the Pattaya Business and Tourism Association is set to target Indian and Russian tourists instead, while other cities and provinces will reopen on Oct. 1. open. With reopening plans postponed, Pattaya is set to reopen to international travelers in just over a week.

China currently does not allow its citizens to travel internationally with tour groups as they have traditionally been massively promoted and requires a three-week quarantine for anyone returning to China from abroad. While China remains closed in an effort to completely eliminate Covid19 virus, Pattaya continues to reopen as Thailand moves towards a virus-living strategy.

As a result, tourist authorities are turning their attention to Indian and Russian tourists who are less restricted in their travels and can now visit Thailand. Both countries allow their citizens to travel abroad and do not require quarantine upon return, unlike Korea and Taiwan, other popular tourist demographics. Pattaya is popular with tourists from both India and Russia, and according to tourism industry reports, there is a lot of interest right now.

The return quarantine issue has negatively impacted Thailand’s efforts to bring tourism back, as British and Australian tourists are subjected to very expensive quarantines upon return and are held together with Chinese, Korean and Taiwanese tourists. The US is one of the biggest sources of tourism and travelers to Thailand as it doesn’t require quarantine when they get home.

But quarantine on arrival in Thailand is still a major deterrent to potential arriving tourists with both Russians and Indians expressing their distaste for it, especially as the Indians are only a short flight away and therefore rather short trips of just a few days to Thailand company .

Officials hope restrictions will be eased and both Indians and Russians will help revitalize Pattaya’s international tourist economy.

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