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The department of land transport sets limits on the size of the delivery boxes on motorcycles


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The department of land transport sets limits on the size of the delivery boxes on motorcycles

It seems to be complete nonsense but of course, it is not, with the Covid19 pandemic gripping the whole of Thailand, leading to a huge increase in food delivery services in many parts of Thailand.

Food delivery services have become an essential part of Covid-19’s lives, with restaurants often forced to deliver orders only as the lack of visitors to their stores has reduced their operating capital to zero.

Everywhere in the country, the motorbikes with the delivery boxes, often equipped with a flashing logo, are frantically rushing around to deliver the hot meals to your home as warm as possible.

Now in the new normal, not everything turns out to be normal, the delivery boxes are getting higher and wider so that the

The Director-General of the Ministry of Land Transport decided this week that the boxes on the engines should not exceed 60 centimetres in total width and length.

Rules have now been enacted that rear-mounted delivery boxes must not protrude more than 12 inches (30 cm) behind the motorcycle’s body. In addition, side-mounted boxes should be mounted symmetrically in the centre of the motorcycle’s body to maintain balance. Connected boxes must not exceed 110 centimetres and side-mounted delivery boxes must not exceed 70 centimetres.

The main point of these regulations is to ensure the safety of deliverers and the other vehicles they interact with on the road. Regulations mean, among other things, that delivery boxes must not block the view, engine lights or turn signals to keep everyone safe. The director-general warns delivery drivers and motorcyclists that they must measure their delivery boxes and comply with new regulations before this becomes official law soon.

Fines for the size of a delivery box or violation of the assembly regulations can be up to 1,000 baht. So the next time you place a large food delivery order it needs to fit in your driver’s normal box or else just think of it with a nice tip!

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