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The first crop of the green chiretta herb in September is intended for the inmates in Thai prisons


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Justice Minister Somsak Thepsuthin has announced that the first crop of green chiretta or in Thai “fa talai jone” (Andrographis paniculata) will be destined for prisons across the country, it is expected that the a large harvest will be, because the weather conditions for this herb are optimal.

In a video conference call with the Director-General of Corrections Ayut Sinthoppan and prison commanders across the country, Somsak told the crop that the harvest would be enough to produce about eight million capsules.

The justice minister said he had ordered prisons across the country to grow the herb plant, and the first crop would be collected on September 2 from 8 rai of land.

The next harvest would take place on October 22 and more in the following months from a total of 50 rai.

“Fa talai jone may be scarce during this time, but later it will become abundant. Each prison should have its own management plan and report to the Director-General of the Correction Department. We are now setting up a major centre for information about the actual use of green chiretta in prisoners, said Somsak.

Ayut said green chiretta initially proved effective in treating prisoners with mild Covid-19 symptoms in Narathiwat and Chiang Mai prisons. It has since been used in other prisons to prevent inmates in the green group with mild symptoms from sliding into the yellow and red groups with moderate to severe symptoms.

Somsak yesterday handed over the first six million capsules of green chiretta for distribution to various prisons and detention centres across the country.

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