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The main tricks of internet scammers in Thailand


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Thai police advise the public to be vigilant about online scams during Songkran celebrations.

In Thailand, before the traditional Thai New Year celebrations, the Royal Thai Police has warned the public to be vigilant against internet scams during the Songkran celebrations and cited several essential scammer tricks.

“Members of the public are advised to remain vigilant against scammers who will try to take advantage of next week’s Songkran holiday to cash in on potential victims using known tricks,” said Royal Thai Police Deputy Spokesman Lt Col Noppawan Panya and listed some of them:

  • Favorable offers of air conditioners, electric fans or air purifiers during the hot season with the condition of advance payment. Buyers transfer money but do not receive the goods.

  • Favorable seasonal offers of household appliances with payment on delivery. After paying for and receiving the goods, customers find that the goods are of poor quality or not as advertised.·Offers of package tours for domestic or international travel with advance payment. Once the prepayment is received, the tour operators usually disappear.

  • Beneficial offers that require downloading an app to the smartphone, such as receiving discounted and free airline tickets, connecting to discounted electricity rates and so on. Once downloaded, the app asks for personal details for authorisation, such as ID number, phone number, and date of birth, and soon it is discovered that money is missing from bank accounts.

  • Job offers work for students during the long holidays. To start work, you need to transfer money as collateral for some of the materials you must work with. There will be no work, no materials and no money.

  • Offers for investments with a big profit. The money will simply be lost.

  • Offers for low-interest loans with the condition that those interested must transfer a certain amount of money as proof of solvency and ability to service the loan in the future.

  • Employment offers for a good job, with the condition to transfer money as proof of prosperity and suitability for the position offered.

A victim of internet fraud in Thailand should immediately contact the local police and report the crime. Any information related to the scam, such as emails, messages, photos and so on, should be saved. These materials may serve as evidence in the future.

To prevent internet fraud, it is advisable to use only reliable and trusted online services and not to share personal information with unknown services or strangers on the internet.

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