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The TAT hopes that the mandatory quarantine in Thailand can be reduced to seven days in the fourth quarter


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Even as Thailand continues to grapple with the worst Covid19 crisis since the start of the pandemic, Thailand’s tourism authorities, the TAT, remain optimistic.  

TAT governor Yuthasak Supasorn showed the back of his tongue and said the mandatory quarantine period may be reduced to 7 days in the last quarter of the year.

However, the Bangkok Post reported that Yuthasak’s optimistic outlook is based on getting the pandemic under control – a situation that currently seems a long way off.

However, the TAT Governor, in turn, justifies a possible reduction in quarantine, pointing out that since July 1, only 0.28% of tourists who arrived under Phuket’s sandbox schedule had tested positive for the virus. Other parts of the country hope to open to vaccinated people from October, meanwhile, Yuthasak said the quarantine period should be shortened to attract foreign visitors.

 “After the outbreak subsides, we will propose a plan to relax quarantine rules not only in ‘sandbox areas’ but across the country, aiming to generate more travel as many countries have begun to implement mandatory quarantine. to shorten periods to 7 days.”

Assuming Thailand will reduce quarantine to 7 days in the last quarter of the year, the TAT is sticking to its forecast of 1.2 million foreign arrivals and a turnover of 85 billion baht in 2021. However, Yuthasak believes that if Thailand does not get the pandemic under control, the quarantine period will have to be adjusted.

Meanwhile, the rather ambitious target for 2022 is somewhere between 1.3 and 1.9 trillion baht, according to the Bangkok Post. Yuthasak recognizes that mass vaccination of the population is essential to achieve this, creating herd immunity and enabling economic recovery by the end of next year. He added that in addition to a reduction in quarantine, Thailand must recognize all vaccine brands, including Russia’s Sputnik V, which is currently under consideration.

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