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The Thai Department of Land Transport announces stricter Covid19 regulations for buses and motorcycle taxis


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The director of the Thai department of land transport, Khun Jirut Wisarnjit, has announced stricter precautions for buses, public cars and motorcycle taxis, especially in so-called ‘deep red’ areas like Bangkok and Chonburi, to prevent the spread of the Covid coronavirus- 19 to help prevent.

The announcement will take effect immediately, according to Jirut, and will also put into effect all previous measures, such as the mandatory wearing of a face mask, the use of check-in in Thai contact tracking applications on buses, the use of hand sanitiser and other precautions.

The announced guidelines consist of:

  • Buses are not allowed to carry more than 70% of their capacity limit. There must be an empty seat between all passengers, although two people travelling together may be seated next to each other.
  • Carriers are asked to keep all routes or transport to a minimum, especially in Bangkok and “dark red zones”, between 11pm and 4am and encourage people to stay at home.
  • Transport operators are asked to consider reducing the number of buses and public cars driving in and to “dark red” control areas.
  • The Thai Mor Chana App and similar tracking applications must be used on all bus routes and presented to the driver as proof that they have traced, or a similar form or registration.
  • Drivers are advised to park the bus, van or public vehicle every two hours to open the windows and disinfect the vehicle.
  • Motorbike taxi drivers “must” clean the seat and handlebars/handles of all motorbikes between each customer with a disinfectant. Customers who regularly take motorcycle taxis should bring their own helmet, but if using one provided by the driver, it should be disinfected and cleaned between each customer.
  • Motorcycle taxis “are not allowed” to talk to customers while driving to prevent droplets of Covid19 from spreading. Face masks must be worn at all times.

These measures have been put in place because, despite many restrictions, closures, rules and restrictions, the country has not seen a significant reduction in Covid-19, especially in Bangkok and most ‘scarlet’ zones, with the exception of Chiang Mai, since the introduction of earlier policy, according to Jirut.

The Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration, or CCSA, will review current measures and restrictions in effect sometime later this week.

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