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The tracking apps are mandatory for all foreign tourists in Thailand


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The tourism authorities of Thailand (TAT) would like to remind all tourists who have received the Certificate of Entry (COE) traveling to Thailand to download the recently launched “ThailandPlus” app as soon as they arrive in the Kingdom.

These are available on Android as well as in the Google Play store.

To use the app, you must first activate the GPS function of the smartphone and accept the data protection regulations. The next step is to upload a profile picture (no older than one month) and enter the COE number and reference ID you received from the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate-General.

Once the data has been verified, it will be forwarded to the QR code scanner that the app is used with. When entering a location, travelers are asked to check-in by scanning a QR code and are asked to check out on departure. The QR codes required for this are usually located at the entrances of places such as shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions, etc.

The “ThailandPlus” app must remain enabled throughout your stay in the country. If the travelers have been to a location where a Covid-19 case has occurred, they will automatically receive a notification and recommendations.

All collected user data is used exclusively for the protection of public health, the right to privacy remains unaffected. “ThailandPlus” is a further development of Thai people tracking apps – “Thai Chana” and “Mor Chana”.

All three applications are based on GPS and Bluetooth technology and are used to record all places where a person has stayed, in combination for checking in and out at the visited locations.

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