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These countries and areas have again received positive travel advice!


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After six months, the Dutch government has abolished the global negative travel advice and reintroduced the old system of colour codes, whereby positive travel advice is again possible (indicated by the colours green and yellow). View here an overview of the countries that have positive travel advice from now on.

– St. Eustatius

– Curaçao
– St Maarten
– Ireland
– Finland
Greece: only the Ionian Islands (Corfu, Zakynthos) and the North and South Aegean Islands (including Rhodes, Naxos, Paros, Mykonos, Santorini, Lesbos and Samos)
– Malta
– Portugal
– Rwanda
– Spain: only the Balearic Islands (including Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca) and the Canary Islands


Most of these destinations had already been leaked in recent days, and have now been confirmed. Only Iceland, a country that also made the rounds as a candidate for positive travel advice, remains orange for the time being. Rwanda and Thailand, on the other hand, surprise, since they are ‘safe’ but lie outside Europe (and do not belong to the Kingdom of the Netherlands).

On May 19, so next Wednesday, Bonaire will also receive yellow travel advice.

No travel restrictions to the Netherlands
Travellers who come (back) to the Netherlands from a green or yellow area do not need to have a negative test result with them, nor are they asked to go into quarantine. In fact, Dutch people can travel freely to the Netherlands from those countries.

The fact that the Netherlands no longer applies travel restrictions for certain countries and areas does not mean that the countries and areas in question no longer apply restrictions for Dutch citizens. For example, a negative test is mandatory for almost all of the above destinations.

Some countries, such as Portugal, Ireland and Thailand, are much stricter and require (Dutch) travellers to be quarantined upon arrival. As a result, those countries are not yet very suitable for going on holiday, even though they now have a positive yellow travel advice.

In Greece, on the other hand, tourists are again very welcome, provided they have been tested negative (or vaccinated or immune from infection). Also on the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands and the Antilles, it is possible to enjoy a great holiday with a few restrictions.

We would all people check the travel advice before booking and before departure.

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