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This university will soon offer training in magic and witchcraft


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Have you always been fascinated by magic? Then the University of Exeter has the perfect course for you. The educational institution is the first in the United Kingdom to introduce a course focused on magic and the supernatural. The course will delve into the global history and impact of witchcraft and magic on society and science. The course, which will start in 2024, has already attracted more than 100 registrations since its launch.

According to Professor Emily Selove , who leads the course, there is significant interest in magic and occultism, the knowledge of mysterious and supernatural forces. This is supported by 2022 research in the UK, which showed a rise in the number of people identifying themselves as spiritual or Wiccan, meaning they are involved in witchcraft. This growth is attributed to the decline of organized religion.

According to Selove, rituals such as wearing lucky jewellery or avoiding certain objects show that magic significantly influences our daily lives. However, the Western world is said to have a superficial view of magic. For example, Selove points out that within the academic world, it is recognized that texts on magic have been systematically neglected by science. She emphasizes that studying magic will help to break this neglect and spark further interest in the subject.

Topics such as decolonization, feminism and anti-racism form the essence of the curriculum. During the course, Western academic methods will be combined with alternative approaches to witchcraft. The course will also stimulate skills such as creativity, analytical thinking and curiosity.

Students also have the opportunity to choose from several modules, which cover topics such as dragons in Western literature and art, the legend of King Arthur, and the history of women in the Middle Ages.

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