Three youths arrested for handing out ping-pong bombs during a demonstration in Bangkok

Just before the weekend arrived, three teenagers were arrested for allegedly making “ping-pong bombs” and distributing them during a rally in the Ding Deang area of ​​Bangkok.

Police arrested the suspects, named Rachasak Sasuk, Yothin Chansom and Chiranan Jaija, in Don Muang.

The Commissioner of the Cybercrime Investigation Office, Kornchai Klaiklueng, said the suspects made bombs and sold them through the TikTok account “chiranan110411”.

Police said they found 75 ping-pong bombs in the suspects’ homes.

The detectives said the accused youths confessed to buying 100 Ping Pong balls from a factory in Samut Prakan for 300 baht on August 13, then filling them with gunpowder to create a devastating effect.

The police also said that the perpetrators admitted to putting the ping-pong bombs in a bag to distribute them among protesters in Din Daeng and to have sold the ping-pong bombs twice via TikTok.

The suspects were charged with illegal possession of explosives, which carries a prison sentence of 1-20 years and a fine of 2,000-40,000 baht. Police said the postal company will also be charged with delivering the explosives.

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