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Top Lawyer Warn’s Thai Men :- “If You Play Away, Don’t Post Photos On Social Media!”


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A top online lawyer has told Thai men: If you play away don’t rub your wife’s face in it.

If you do it is grounds for divorce.

Ratchaphon Sirisakhon was giving men the benefit of his legal advice online .

Many Thai men get married but still think they are playboys.

Many go to bars and touch up young women. Some then post boastful pictures of their shenanigans on Facebook and Line hoping that their wives won’t see.

This, according to legal eagle Ratchaphol is a slippery slope.

Men should be faithful after marriage, he said, but if they are not for heaven’s sake don’t post pictures about what you are up to for everyone to look at.

Even a bit of touching and stroking in a bar is considered serious enough as grounds for divorce if others see it in photos.

Ratchapol has given lots of splendid legal advice recently – this includes warning men not to say women’s breasts are small because of defamation and saying drivers of cars or even motorcyclists face three months jail for masturbating while in control of a motor vehicle.

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