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Transsexual allegedly attacked his friend in Jomtien with a knife


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A transsexual is said to have attacked his friend in Jomtien with a knife early yesterday morning, causing the victim to flee on foot from their apartment to a police station in Jomtien.

Pattaya Police were notified of the incident early in the morning around 02:00 AM, which occurred at Soi Jomtien 5, not far from the Dongtan Police Box.

The emergency services and a local reporter arrived on the scene to find 24-year-old Wut. His last name has not been released by Pattaya Police.

Wut had sustained a stab wound to his left hand and was bleeding profusely, but was aware and reasonably calm while being able to relate the incident at the small police station.

Wut told the reporter: “I was collecting my things in my room here in Jomtien that I shared with my girlfriend, who is transsexual and identifies as a lady. I was about to go back to my hometown in Ayutthaya after some recent quarrels. She became enraged at my decision to leave and attacked me with a knife, stabbed me before I could escape the room and ran to the Dongtan Police Station for help.”

Police are continuing the investigation for further possible legal action, but have not released an immediate statement about the incident. Wut was taken to a medical facility for help after his police report. The identity of the suspect in the incident was also not released by the police.

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