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Trump’s house search was for possible violation of espionage law


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Former President Donald Trump is under investigation for a possible violation of the US Espionage Act and for obstruction of justice. That’s according to the released search warrant for the FBI raid on Trump’s Florida home. The search took place earlier this week.

A judge will only issue a search warrant if there is at least a ‘good cause’ to investigate whether someone has broken the law. This order must then state which criminal offenses are being investigated. In Trump’s case, there are three, it turns out. This is about removing or taking notes and records from the White House, thwarting a judicial investigation, and violating the Espionage Act. FBI agents would, among other things, search for classified documents about nuclear weapons.

The search warrant also released a list of items taken from Trump’s home. In total, the FBI agents seized about 20 boxes, ring binders with photos and a handwritten note. Information about the president of France was also allegedly seized. The confiscated items would contain eleven parties with sensitive and secret information, three of which would even be a state secret.

America reporter from local media reports what this further means: “During the search in Mar-a-Lago, documents were found that were marked as ‘top secret’ and as ‘confidential’ and stay in secure government buildings. Trump should have handed in all documents immediately when he stepped down as president, but having this sort of classified information in his house is an even more serious offense.”

Trump responded with a statement denying any criminal offense against him. He says on his own social network Truth Social that a search was not necessary, because he would have wanted to hand over the documents if it had been requested. Furthermore, according to Trump, all “top secret” information has already been released by the White House and is therefore no longer classified. The former president considers the search a witch hunt by his political opponents. Many of Trump’s supporters are also outraged by the raid.

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