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Two drunk factory workers in Chonburi stab each other after arguing over who works the hardest


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Two ‘friends’ working together in a factory got into a fight over who works the hardest over a drinking bout

The watch commander of the Chonburi police station received a report of a stabbing in Chonburi, he immediately dispatched several officers before he also informed the emergency services of the stabbing incident.

Police and emergency services found 48-year-old Mungkorn Phongnu on the ground, moaning in pain, with several stab wounds to his ribs. Around him were several empty liquor bottles, a broken pointed blade, and a small pool of blood. The injured person was rushed to Chonburi Hospital.

His mate, Khun Thaksin, was not drunk when the police arrived and told his account of the story, saying that a dispute arose over who had the best hands-on the job. The tipsy Khun Mungkorn, flared up in a rage and attacked his ‘friend’ with a knife, whereupon Khun Thaksin defended himself.

He has been detained by the Chonburi Police Department for further investigation. It is as yet unclear, who really is the hard worker, who knows, maybe he will hear that again.

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